YogaFace Class Descriptions

Below are just some of the classes we offer at our studio. We are constantly adding various styles and molding to fit our students’ needs. We are proud to have such caring and amazing instructors who bring their creativity to the classroom each and every time. If you have any questions about our class offerings please do not hesitate to call us at

(815) 529-2628.

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Gentle Flow:

Breath to movement postures are incorporated to gently release tension and improve flexibility.  Blocks and bolsters are utilized for support and enhancement of postures.

Vinyasa Flow: 

This class is designed for all!  You will learn a breath to movement style of yoga where posture alignment is reinforced.

Warm Vinyasa Flow:

This is a heated class where you will flow through breath to movement postures at a slightly faster pace, while still maintaining focus on proper alignment.  

Hot Detox Yoga:

In this class the room is heated between 90-95 degrees. Hot yoga works to detox your body, strengthen your immune system, elevate your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, and increase flexibility and balance. This vinyasa flow class is challenging and rejuvenating. Bring a water bottle and towel.

Vinyasa Flow w/ Core Strength:

Power your core with vinyasa flow and strengthening exercises.  Activate your inner strength.

Pilates Pulse:

Pilates Pulse incorporates yoga postures with full body strengthening and tightening. You will use your own body weight to strengthen and tone your core, arms, and legs. Blending pilates with lengthening stretches, you will leave feeling energized and strong!

Yoga Tone Up:

This 45 minute, high intensity, calorie burn class is designed to tone and strengthen. Hand weights and resistance bands are incorporated into this class. Combining yoga, lower and upper body toning, and core strengthening exercises, you will leave this class feeling strong and rejuvenated.

Morning Energizing Flow:

Welcome the morning energy w/All Levels Yoga to revive and refresh your mind and body, and open your heart to let good vibes fill your soul!

FriYay Flow:

This class is suitable for all levels. Arrive to this class with a smile and an open heart - it’s FriYaY. In this class you will breathe in positive energy and exhale love as you flow through creative sequences following an uplifting intention. You will leave this class feeling invigorated, energized, and inspired for the weekend. Namaste!

Easy Like Sunday Morning Vinyasa:

Just like that Lionel Richie song, we've got a Vinyasa Flow to give you a reason to wake up to celebrate the day. This class is taught with a particular flavor that Peter brings to it. This class strikes a balance between flowing movements and breathe. In this class you will go at your own pace to find strength and stamina in the body and mind. All Levels Welcome.


Your Yinyasa class begins with vinyasa, a mindful flow linking breath with movement focusing on balance and building strength. The class will then move into yin, with more passive and relaxing poses to expand flexibility and create space in the joints. This class is nourishing to the mind as well as challenging to the body. Balance the shadow and the light within in this class. All levels are welcome.

Soulful Bliss:

Soulful Bliss has a sprinkle of everything from gentle flow, yin, restorative and meditation, to breath work. This class incorporates the use of straps, blocks, and bolsters to help enhance stretches, poses, and comfort. You will unwind, feel calm, and de-stress.

Flow & Restore:

We will begin with invigorating flow sequences to strengthen and warm your body, then transition into deeper stretching and restorative postures to calm your body and mind down. The perfect connection of yin and yang to bring you back to a blissful balance.

Candlelight Yin & Meditate:

Awaken your inner calming energy with this Yin & Meditate class. By holding your postures for a longer period, you will become more grounded and in tune with your body. Create flexibility in your joints while connecting to your breath, and allow your mind to settle into a state of calm meditation.


This class incorporates five to six restorative poses that will allow you to completely relax.  Blocks and bolsters are used to help you settle into a deep state of calm.

Restorative Healing Yoga:

This class is about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply with the use of props, like bolsters, blocks, and blankets to help support your body. This class is healing and soothing to the soul. You will leave this class feeling calm and relaxed. 

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a deeply relaxing practice designed to calm your mind and body. Within this class you will listen to a peaceful meditation created to help your mind settle into a relaxed state. While here, your body begins to calm and healing can take place. This cozy class utilizes blankets, blocks, and bolsters to help you achieve maximum relaxation.

 Each breath is a gift.